Empowering Workplaces

At Healthier Future Consulting Services, our mission is to champion the rights and well-being of individuals in the workplace. For over three decades, we’ve been at the forefront of creating safer, more inclusive professional environments.

Our commitment extends beyond just consulting. Through education, advocacy, and strategic interventions, we aim to reshape workplaces into spaces of dignity, respect, and collaboration.

Shaping Tomorrow's Organizations

Our vision is to craft a healthier, more harmonious future for organizations across sectors. Recognizing the diverse challenges faced in today’s professional settings, we bring pragmatic solutions infused with compassion, ensuring every stakeholder feels valued.

As consultants, educators, and advocates, we continue to set the gold standard in workplace well-being. Through tailored strategies, workshops, and continuous support, we guide businesses in nurturing positive, productive environments that benefit everyone.

Company Founder


Arlene Martin-Norman, the esteemed Founder of Healthier Future Consulting Services & Sales, brings over three decades of profound experience in public service across Federal, State, and County levels. Her distinguished association with the State of Tennessee's Department of Children’s Services is marked by a variety of roles and deep-seated commitment, culminating in her retirement in 2014.

Further amplifying her credentials, Arlene serves as an Independent Consultant with the Workplace Bullying Institute and is the Co-Coordinator for the Tennessee Healthy Workplace Advocates Campaign. Her academic accolades include a Master of Science in Public Service Management from Cumberland University and certifications from the Workplace Bullying Institute University and Tennessee Foreign Language Institute (TFLI).

Beyond her impressive professional trajectory, Arlene's roles as a Consultant, Adjunct Instructor, and Advocate showcase her relentless drive to foster healthier workplace environments and act as a catalyst for positive change. Today, as the proud owner of Healthier Future Consulting Services, Inc., Arlene continues her mission to foster change and improvement. Her multifaceted roles as a Consultant, Adjunct Instructor, Community Activist, Advocate, and undeniably, a Change Agent, affirm her unwavering commitment to creating a more inclusive and respectful professional landscape.

Certificates & Achievements

Our Team

Nneka Norman-Gordon, MS

Talent Acquisition, Talent Management & Government Affairs

Doctoral Candidate Abbrissola A. Shull

K – 4th Grades , Cultural Literacy , Advancement Degree Consultant